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5/2/2019 Rhodes Complex

A little distracted

2 women meet for coffee and pastries every week in the Bronx only the host has forgotten to buy anything and tries to cover it up for fear of being judged and criticised by her friend.  A play about friendship and acceptance of people’s  foibles

Cheryl Nicholson

Full House.png

5/2/2019 Rhodes Complex

Full House

Angie and her sister Donna usually share their bingo winnings until Donna wins the jackpot and a family argument ensues. Angie, Del & Bianca are furious that Donna intends to use the money to help her younger boyfriend set up his own car shop.

Veronica Battleday

Tickety Boo.png

6/2/2019 Rhodes Complex

Everything's Tickety-Boo

A play about an anxiety attack on public transport after 7/7

Cat Quigley

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6/2/2019 Rhodes Complex

Spare Change

features the plight of two young people who are trying to eke out an existence by begging on the streets. Through altercations with passers-by their life experiences are revealed.    Further incidents reveal the forces, social and personal, which have driven them to this lifestyle.

Margaret Fox


13/2/2019 Harlow Playhouse


Old Lorraine goes over her childhood where her mother sections her after wrongfully accusing her of killing her young step-sister, Jennifer. Jennifer fell off the sofa and cracked her head on the fire-surround. Lorraine loved her and still imagines her always to be with her

Vivienne Allen

Menopausal Maids.jpg

13/2/2019 Harlow Playhouse

Menopausal Maids

3 female comic writers explore how Menopause affects the female population

S Last,C Parradine & L Webb

The Lodger II.jpg

14/2/2019 Harlow Playhouse

The Lodger

An 18yr old chats to her parent’s 23yr old lodger about her travel plans for her gap year. She complains he keeps pinching her rolling tobacco as he poses in front of a mirror holding a roll up like a 20s dandy.

Saul Boyer


19/2/2019 Hertford Theatre

Patriotism is not Enough

A wheelchair-bound ex-serviceman becomes bigoted out of bitterness because of his war injuries. His nurse uses the story of WW1 nurse Edith Cavell to explain why all soldiers of all nationalities/religions should be treated equally.

Thom Jackson-Wood

Vagina Blogs Primrose.jpg

19/2/2019 Hertford Theatre

Vagina Blogs

How are women of a certain age supposed to behave? Jemima tells us exactly what she thinks and gives us some top tips for surviving the social pressures to have the perfect menopause. And she tells us from two very different perspectives.

Bev Morris

Sunny Side Up.png

5/2/2019 Rhodes Complex

Sunny Side Up

Gerry, a taxi driver and his wife, Mary go to a B&B for a weekend away and he starts having a go at the young single mum who has been placed there by the council. She explains that she is not there out of choice.

Alan Hall

These Three Words.jpg

5/2/2019 Rhodes Complex

These three words

written in verse this play describes how a man is diagnosed with Parkinson ’s disease and breaks it to his wife, dreading the consequences.

Julie Walker & Andy Johnson


6/2/2019 Rhodes Complex

Menopausal Maids

3 female comic writers explore how Menopause affects the female population

S Last,C Parradine & L Webb


6/2/2019 Rhodes Complex


A witty look at how Will, the pig-farmer, is constantly being undermined by supermarkets. Matt is a naïve salesman coming to sell him a plan to make his profits soar by suggesting he sell his bacon BOGOF. Will can’t believe how Matt can’t see how this further debilitates farmers, not help them.

Pete Barrett

Your actions.png

13/2/2019 Harlow Playhouse

Your actions are..

My Dreams
A story where a young woman plays out a scene where she incorporates 3 different men, she’s found on Tinder dating in the same date to see which one suits her best. 

Lydia Sabatini


14/2/2019 Harlow Playhouse

Things we didn't know

A married couple meet on a park bench pretending not to know each other in a bid to rekindle their relationship. They feel they have nothing in common but through the play it’s clear they are not aware of an important shared interest they have.

Clare Shaw

The Last Romantic.png

14/2/2019 Harlow Playhouse

The Last Romantic

James is performing/directing a remake of Charlie Chaplin’s ‘The Great Dictator’. 2 Hollywood producers come on set to tell him he needs to make it more exciting by including guns and explosions. A look at how producers can ruin a great film.

Patrick O'Brien


19/2/2019 Hertford Theatre


3 spotlighted actors reveal they are a Syrian ex-soldier who describes her escape, a Greek Man who worries about immigration to his island and a female aid worker who is determined to help in any way she can but is she being helpful at all? 

David Bottomley

Mean Teacher .jpg

25/2/2019 Hertford Theatre

The Kids that killed..

Last years winners of Write Here Write Now will perform their improved play to open the finals nights. Watch this hilarious comedy again, well worth a second trip

Cera Rose Pickering

Dicks Bingo Balls Up.png

5/2/2019 Rhodes Complex

Dick's Bingo Balls Up

performed by the writer, this play explores a failed 70s comedian now earning his living as a bingo caller.

Heather Henriques

No Way Out.jpg

6/2/2019 Rhodes Complex

No Way Out

A highly stylised piece in the style of Beckett, three women are stuck in a confined space where one woman is trying to find a way out, one woman is putting up with it and the other woman has resigned herself to never leaving

Janie Clark

Old School Ghost.jpg

6/2/2019 Rhodes Complex

Old School Ghost

Debbie has created a marketing company in a school house. Her husband is planning to tear it down and build a car park. The Ghost, Alice, can’t leave the the school and fears living forever in a multi-storey.

Michael Boyton


13/2/2019 Harlow Playhouse


A young couple go through the process of trying for a baby and the wife tries to find inventive ways to make it less of a routine for her husband.


Vee Tames

Pumpkin head.jpg

13/2/2019 Harlow Playhouse

Pumpkin Head

A play starring Lynda Shelverton

Sue Lovell

Let the flames.jpg

14/2/2019 Harlow Playhouse

Let us make the flames.

of the revolution rage furiously
A married couple who love each other very much, but are not allowed to express it, are planning to escape the ‘1984’ style environment they live in. Their daughter is ‘regime-youth’ and spies on them.

Tom Pauk

The hangman.jpg

19/2/2019 Hertford Theatre

The Hangman

A young boy is obsessed with the Hangman’s job and wants to know when the next hanging will be. His last victim turns out to be his brother and, in a surreal moment comes back to life to tell the young boy what it feels like to be hanged.

Alexander Wright

Small Rebellions.jpg

19/2/2019 Hertford Theatre

Small Rebellions

A secret book club is formed to enjoy banned books. The characters are unassuming political rebels. One of the resistance comes through a secret wall to help an exposed agent to escape

Sarah Wragg

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